Southampton Motor Speedway

Southampton Motor Speedway is a 4/10 mile Tri-Oval located in Capron Virginia. SMS opened in 1991 as a dirt oval track and hosted late models and stock cars. The track was sold in 1996 and paved as the current Asphalt Tri-Oval you see today. Many famous racecar drivers ran here including Denny Hamlin. The track was forced to close in 2004. It has remained dormant for almost 20 years, until now. The track has been reopened in 2023 by CRC Entertainment LLC. Robert Barnes and Christopher Plummer vow to bring this track back to life. Support the boys and their efforts in restoring this Historic Track to its former glory.

Owners/Operators of CRC Entertainment LLC and SMS

  • Christopher Plummer

    Drift Racing Driver and Motorsports Enthusiast. Driver for Team Star Slides and Team LoLu Racing, named after his two boys, Logan and Luca.

    LoLu Racing 
  • Robert Barnes

    Drift racing Star Driver for Team Star Slides.

    Team StarSlides 

    Other Members and Volunteers